Group Major Medical

Group Medical Coverage provided by major national carriers such as Aetna, Humana, United Healthcare and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. 

Level Funded Plans

Level Funded Plans are a form of self funding plans. Level Funding offers all the benefits of self-funding with the added benefit of established monthly payments. Employers can then realize the financial rewards without any of the adversities. 

MEC Plans

Minimum Essential Coverage Plans are health insurance plans that meet the Affordable Care Act requirements for providing health coverage.

Individual Health Plans

Policies assisting individuals who may not have access to a Group Plan and are looking for a very specific set of health coverage(s).


Enables healthcare professionals to interact, diagnose, evaluate and treat patients remotely by telecommunication technology. Patients receive medical attention while eliminating an expensive office visit. This also reduces employer’s health insurance costs.



Reduce costs associated with routine dental care including regular scheduled cleanings, checkups and X-rays. Most plans cover more extensive procedures including surgeries. 


Designed to reduce costs associated with routine eye care and prescription eye wear. Some plans offer discounts on elective vision corrective surgery such as LASIK and PRK.